Petroleum what?

One of my economics professors at university actually coined the term petrodollar. Well Professor, I believe your influence may have been put to good use as I too try to forge the way for petro-wives in the blog-o-sphere.

If I may be so bold, a petroleum wife is someone who has inadvertently wound up loving/living with/marrying someone with a career in the oil and gas industry which has either forced her to, or given her the luxury of not pursuing her own career (depending on how you look at it – might also depend on the certain something a la Chanel or Louboutin she’s chosen to wear that day.)  She either manages their household as a one-woman show due to the inevitable long hours/traveling schedule of a successful career in oil and gas, OR, she is able to join him on different assignments across the world.

As a petroleum wife I’ve learned to embrace me some good quality alone time, as well as embody an outgoing personality, eager to meet friends in any new city I find myself a temporary inhabitant of.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

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