Take a Book, Leave a Book

I am trying to embrace the Calgarian lifestyle which I can unequivocally define as “cool.”  I don’t mean weather-wise, at least not yet anyways.  No I mean cool as in “tattoos, coffee, and bikes.” Those are the three words that stick out in my mind as I roam the streets searching for adventure. But nothing is cooler to me than books.

Located on Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary – This is why I feel safe in Canada.

A large part of me fell in love with Calgary when I first saw this. I actually saw it being used right in front of my eyes by an elderly man who seemed to be homeless (you can never really know.)  Having been raised in a way where going to the big city library on the weekends was what we (my sisters and I) considered to be the funnest possible activity, reading and books have a special little place in my heart.  From bodice-ripping historicals to hobbit-esque fantasies, I love that feeling of being whisked away into another world and being startled out of your trance by say an airport telecom.  To be lost in book-world in the middle of bustling Schipol International Airport is pure wizardry.

I don’t know of any other city where something as innocuous as this public book shelf could work. At least I haven’t been privileged enough to live in a place like Calgary before. Although being a Petroleum Wife, I may have that opportunity sooner than later.

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