Star of the Day

Dark Parisian Skyline

A brooding picture of the Parisian skyline to get you in the mood. Taken on my recent trip to Paris a few weeks ago.

Now that I have your attention, allow me to tell you all about my French class. For the better part of a year and a half, I’ve found myself missing my university days. I’ve mulled over the idea of a Master’s degree, however I can’t quite put my finger on a program that screams, “Yes, I am worth every penny of this $100,000 tuition.”  Until I find my absolute passion in life, I can’t say I’m willing to fork over that type of money for a subject I’m luke-warm for.

However languages have been an intriguing constant in my life. I actually spent a few years teaching English as a second language to children and adults on a variety of levels when I first moved to Qatar quite a few years ago. Being bilingual, I’ve decided to pursue a third language to keep my mind working. I’ve been attending a beginner’s French class for a few weeks now at the University of Calgary’s downtown campus.

No, this is not just a “something to keep me busy” type of activity.  I can keep myself ‘busy’ by vegging on the couch watching shows and Skyping all day. (Been there, done that.)  I actually want to learn French as I think it will be quite useful one day, considering our frequent visits to my in-laws in Montreal.  Not to mention there’s no better reason or impetus to do something than with the hope of besting your husband.  Especially your very smart, successful and trilingual husband. (Hands off ladies and gentlemen.)

Due to our busy traveling schedule, I opted for the more laid back option of a continuing education class. No exams, attendance, or grades to worry about.  It’s so interesting how continuing education classes bring together so many different people from all walks of life.  From debonair cosmetic moguls, sky-diving aficionados, and highly-tattooed Spaniards, this class is a veritable melting pot. And I love it. Whether for the sake of trying something new or in preparation for a big trip to Europe, we all have so many different reasons to learn French and we’re learning it together. Endearing, I know.

Each class, one student is assigned to be the ‘Star of the Day’ and must make a presentation about themselves in French.  Our only instruction was to split our short presentation into four categories; family, favorite restaurant, dream trip, and hobbies/interests.

Star of the Day: French Presentation

Anyone care to translate?

Yesterday was my turn. Above is my presentation with the markups from my instructor.  I admit I felt kind of guilty when she took the time to correct the accents on the letters.  Frankly I was just too lazy to try to figure out how to insert them into my word document.  This isn’t the first time my laziness has me feeling guilty.  Darn you laziness. Darn you guilt.

Now, unless you count introducing myself to a group of very nicely dressed girls and ladies over brunch, or perhaps a book club meeting or two, I haven’t had to address a room full of people since I resigned from my job in early 2011.  Although I used to do very well in front of auditoriums full of people and also in front of cameras thanks to my previous (and only) full time job in media relations.  But that was another time and place.  For now at least, I’ve chosen a different life. One undeniably of leisure.  But I digress.

As the teacher asks the rest of the class questions about my presentation, I can’t seem to wipe off the adolescent grin on my face as a classroom full of people discuss my interests and dream trips.

“Hehe,” my mind giggles as my classmates are now discussing how I like to ride my bike around the park and hope to one day visit Scotland (Hello Scottish lairds of my dreams, derived from my cherished and oh-so-tasteful historicals.)

During my presentation, I thought I’d add a bit of shameless self-promotion for this newly minted blog, but when it came right down to it, I simply couldn’t stoop so low. So I left the title of my blog out when I told everyone, “I enjoy writing on my blog.”  And to think not one person asked me what it was called.

True to my reasons for taking a non-credit French class, I’ll actually be missing two sessions next week as we’re taking a road trip across the country to Vancouver. Yes, road trip!


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