Frequent traveling and relocation has really made Facebook my one, true friend, but my so-called “friend’s list” is generally a group of welcoming strangers I’ve had brief, yet meaningful encounters with.  Unfortunately, many of these encounters aren’t usually the recurring type on account of actually living in different countries and all. With so many acquaintances across the globe, spanning ten’s of countries and more than a couple continents, I now hesitate to reveal too much of my personal goings-on at such a public watering hole.


But it’s such an easy tool to keep in touch with those really good friends and scattered family members who occasionally ask themselves, “Where in the world is Mrs. PetroleumWife this month?” So I’ve come to try to find a balance. Not revealing too much, but maybe posting up to date profile pictures here and there (which I’ve come to find out are pretty handy on blind coffee dates – more on that later.)


That being said, Facebook has been a vital tool in helping me ‘assimilate’ among Calgary’s finest. I found so many different events and groups I was interested in participating in. Honestly, friendly strangers just makes the cold winter days here a little less lonely.

New friends?  Yes, please. At the very least, I promise to stay acquaintances.

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2 responses to “Acquaintancebook

  • Robbie

    Love the name “Aquaintancebook” That’s awsome! I just made 95% of my FB “friends” acquaintances just yesterday. I would see these “friends” in person and they wouldn’t stop to say hi or chat and they would never leave comments or reply to anything, so they are now acquaintances instead of being unfriended because I’m snoopy and want to see what they are up ;D If they unfriend me or acquaint me, so be it! LOL

    • petroleumwife

      Thanks Robbie! I know it’s come to a point where we need to just call it like it is 😀 … that said, Facebook has definitely helped me adjust to new places and meet friendly new people too.

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