Mini-Moving Day!

Today was my mini-moving day. Moving out of my home for the last 3 months has left me surprisingly emotional! This expat assignment has really been such a wonderful experience. From starting my blog, to reconnecting with my husband on our rotation vacations, and learning a new language, my time in Calgary has given me a new sense of self along with lots of laughs. While my last blog post certainly didn’t depict the upbeat side of petroleum wife-ry, my honest advice and heart felt opinion is to go on an expat assignment. Just jump into the deep end! You’ll have such a great time exploring and you’ll be so much closer as a family unit because of it.

very full suitcase

My trusty travel companion looks 9 months pregnant and just about ready to burst.

Moving into a new apartment (it’s in the same building, Much Ado About Nothing?) just reminds me that I only have about 3 more weeks to enjoy the liberation that comes along with staying in a new city.

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