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Bike Shopping or Marriage Counseling?

In the spirit of embracing Calgarian life, the hubby and I decided to go bike shopping. Little did we know we actually opened Pandora’s box by innocently embarking into the absolutely massive world of bicycles. Let me tell you, for novice cyclists like ourselves, it is no easy feat. From Walmart to consignment to specially shops, we had been on the hunt for a while. We finally found ourselves at a local bike shop, close enough to our apartment so that we could walk there and make the return trip on our hot new wheels. The story goes a little something like this:

I wanted something called a ‘cruiser.’ You know, those really old school vintage bikes with a modern twist, they’re making a huge comeback, or so I’ve been told. I wanted the ladylike chique, European element. More importantly, I liked the huge boat-like saddle (otherwise known as a seat to us not so well-versed in bike lingo.) It’s basically like sitting on a little cloud of bike-heaven. What sealed the deal for me was the cute wicker basket attached to the front, which was made by an actual basket company, thank you very much. So that was my choice.

My hubby on the other hand, was convinced he needed something, “sturdier, to ride on rougher terrain.” Which simply meant he wanted something that looked cooler. My beauties were on the first floor, so we ventured to the second level of this bike haven to look through about 200 different bikes. Yea, I counted every single one. At this point, Rick, who made quite the impression on us, started to ask the really tough questions. As soon as my babe picked out what I think was a souped-up hybrid, Rick looks at us and asks, “Are you guys planning on riding together?”  Well that was the general idea, Rick. But of course, the husband wasn’t so sure.

He proceeds to tell me, and I quote, “If you try to keep up with him in a cruiser, you’re going to be very angry with him.”  I assured Rick we didn’t need any more anger in our relationship, we were doing just fine in that department on our own.  My beautiful cruiser was too bulky and heavy to take even semi-athletic rides around the park. They’re made for extreme leisure. This, and the keeping up with hubby comment, quickly changed my choice to a happy compromise to what I’m told is referred to as an upright-hybrid. They had my colors, my size, and a modern detachable basket to boot. Ok hubby, your move.

He meanders over to the mountain bikes and chooses one he likes. Rick of course feels obligated to state, “Well if you get the mountain bike you won’t be able to ride on paved paths with your wife.”  With more than a few seconds of evil looks directed towards my beloved, I interject at this point and supply Rick with the information that we do, in fact, live in Houston, Texas with not a mountain in sight.

If anyone knows their engineers, I’m sure you can imagine how long we were in that bike shop. With two bikes narrowed down, he finally was able to take two test rides. On each bike. Gotta love him 🙂

Here they are, the veritable fruits of our labor and a few shots from our first bike ride around Prince’s Island Park in downtown Calgary:

These photos were actually taken about a week ago. By now fall has officially set in at Prince’s Island Park, but more on that later.


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