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Some Alone Time

At least from 9 to 5 that is.  Actually it’s more like 6am to 6pm, but who’s counting. My husband has finally gone back to work. After 18 days off straight and chock full of exciting things like moving back to the country, good bye dinner parties and hello Houston parties, and most of all, having the time to veg and surf through Netflix, we are finally back to our ‘normal.’  i.e. living together once again since normal of course being that there really is no normalcy at all!

While I’m totally enamored and in love with my bodacious husband, I have to admit I’m a bit relieved that he’s finally back at work. Leaving me with a few hours of alone time to finally get going with the real house work and catching up on different appointments. And, ahem, some badly needed eyebrow maintenance. Sounds mean, right? Hear me out.

Since we’re a couple that doesn’t usually get much alone time, either due to his crazy work schedule (or mine in the past), frequent travels, family visiting from out of town, or us visiting family, when we do have time alone we spend it cuddled up talking or watching documentaries for hours. It’s wonderfully romantic and it’s absolutely our most favorite thing to do.

Things just get a tad impractical when you’ve got 18 days worth of phone calls to return and a mountain of chores that just keeps growing. But who needs to be productive when you’re emotionally sated with hearts that glow? Things just got real mushy.

Now that I think about it, I think I’m going through withdrawal.


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